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GPSSD Mission - Vision

Our Mission

The German Pacific School San Diego (GPSSD) is a language and cultural immersion school open to all students K-12 who desire to master the German language, or to enhance their German language skills.

Our Vision

GPSSD strives to foster global awareness of the traditions and cultural heritage of German speaking countries. The goal is to prepare students to become informed and critically thinking global citizens of the 21st century who are able to communicate inter-culturally. GPSSD is dedicated to broaden and improve its currently existing language program to the next level of excellency by offering more access throughout San Diego County, resulting in a yearly increase of students mastering higher levels of German education. GPSSD is determined to become the premier educational organization in San Diego County for German language and cultural heritage.

GPSSD Values and Objectives

Our Values

GPSSD welcomes students from all backgrounds, providing them with all the rights, privileges, programs, and activities offered by the school. GPSSD does not discriminate on the basis of sex, race, color, religion, and national or ethnic origin in its administration of its educational and admission policies. We are promoting compassion, creativity, cultural awareness, achievement, responsibility, mutual respect, and global and international citizenship.

Program Objectives

GPSSD is providing its students with a solid foundation in spoken and written German language. GPSSD’s goal is to prepare its students to be able to applying to German Universities for higher education. Students will achieve proficiency in German through a series of standardized German tests.

GPSSD is providing its students with a cultural enrichment of German traditions and heritage.

Current Program - Learner Outcomes

Current Program

GPSSD offers classes to native and non-native speakers, from 3 years old through adults, with a core program for grades K-12 in accordance with the requirements set by the German Federal Office of Administration (BVA), and the German Central Agency for Schools Abroad (ZfA). The school year consists of 30 weeks and follows roughly the holiday schedule of the public schools. The GPSSD offers classes on different levels on Saturday mornings, weekday afternoons and weeknights, as well as fieldtrips and camps with a diverse learning focus. Fieldtrips and camps are conducted in German.

Learner Outcomes

Graduates of the GPSSD program are able to:

  1. Use the German language proficiently in spoken and written form
  2. Are able to pass German standardized tests (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1), and German AP Test, SAT Subject Test, the National German Exam, and tests that are prerequisite exams for German Universities (DSD I and II)
  3. Exhibit awareness of German traditions
  4. Know about German history and heritage of German speaking countries