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Script Writing Workshop

A big thank you to all our students and parents who came to participate at this fantastic writing workshop! Participants watched and analyzed a movie, then read the script and identified the essential elements. They used their new skills in a group exercise by writing their own scripts. The final script presentations showed lots of creativity and it was great to see everyone so enthusiastically engaged.

Thank you very much to Diane Alpaio, who lead this script-writing workshop, for all of the work and planning that went into teaching this one-hour event. And thank you to Benedicte Brouder and Francois Baron from San Diego French American School for organizing this workshop!

Update Oct. 8th 2017

Beginner's class in Poway just started

  • Age group: 6-9 years old
  • Meetings: Monday's 5pm - 6pm,
    (registration with instructors concent)

Debate Workshop 2017 Pictures

Summer Camp 2017 Pictures

Herzlichen Glückwunsch zu erfolgreichen Prüfungen:

  • Internationale Vergleichsarbeit A1: Anna, Emily, Roman, Eric, Wallace, Gracie, Chloe, Sophia, Chiara
  • Internationale Vergleichsarbeit A2: Mona, Lina, Mia, Lilia
  • National German Exam: Jeremy, Juliana, Catie, Kira, Hannah, Reinhard, Thomas, Alexandra, Lenni
  • DSD1: Kira
  • AP-Test: Pending
  • DSD2: Alexandra, Emily, Grace, Aaron, Lenni, Maximilian, Niklas

Weihnachten 2016

We had our Sommerfest today at beautiful Lake Poway. Congratulations to our high school kids for excellent results at the National German Exam (7 gold and 1 bronze medal) as well as at the oral DSD 1 exam (4 out of 5 students had a perfect score, 1 scored nearly perfect 22/24).

Every student received his report card, then there were more awards ... and enough time for the kids to play and for families to connect and to enjoy the fresh morning air.

Thank you all for coming! Schöne Ferien!!!